by Adderall Canyonly



What we know about Sadnessorzzz11one, or "The Adderall Tapes"--
Parts of this story have already been lost to the cyclical fog of multiple people’s memories who each played a role in bringing the Sadnessorzzz11one to your tape deck and/or your ears, but:

It was a stormy season in the work of our dear Adderall Canyonly, and as a prolific composer, they thought an ideal form of therapy might involve making an intense and cryptic recording to “let it all out,” and then gift that recording to the whims of time and nature, hauling it deep into the middle of the Pacific Ocean, out of reach of the strongest currents that drag artifacts back toward continental shores, release it, and move forward from there.

AdCan enlisted the help of conceptual artist Dan Nelson, who many Tymbal aficionados may know as Boron, to create a waterproof container to store this recording during its eventual voyage, and then set about creating the music. During the course of the recording process, the ordinarily instrumentally-focused synthesist found themself inserting a kind of cypher into the music, forming a word or sentence out of letters embedded toward the beginning of each piece. The cypher may run backwards in the music as well.

It’s hard to say, because the exact track delineations and even the original track titles have been lost to time. The project’s original plans fell through, as it proved to be cost-prohibitive to travel so far into the Pacific with the recording, and Boron then didn’t progress beyond proof-of-concept toward creating a seaworthy canister to put it in.

Perhaps you, gentle listener, can make sense of all of this? Good luck, godspeed, and hold fast!


released April 1, 2020

Recorded 2012-2015 to various tape machines, cassette or otherwise.
All instruments - Wayne Longer
Concept - Den Nelson
Art / layout - Tiny Little Hammers


all rights reserved



Adderall Canyonly

Sneaking up on death, one day at a time.

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